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2-Day Innovation Workshop

Ideate. Innovate. Grow. 

In this highly interactive two-day workshop participants will be introduced to the principles of design thinking approach through group discussions, exercises, listening, learning, prototyping, and testing. You will learn how to think outside the box, reimagine the possibilities and develop innovative solutions to complex challenges. 

This problem-solving method can be applied across various business processes. 

Innovation through Design Thinking 







Develop a deep understanding of the challenge

Clearly articulate the problem you want to solve

Brainstorm potential solutions; select and develop your solution

Design a

prototype to test all or part of your solution

Engage in a continuous short-cycle innovation process

to improve


DAY 01:​

|      Workshop Kickoff

|      Introduction to Innovation Bazar Design Thinking

|      Get to know your team members & your collaborative                     engagement for the duration of the workshop 

|      Learn about the scope of the workshop, expectations &                 what can be accomplished 

|      Learn about participants perspectives about challenges                 and opportunities of innovation at organization 

|      Project Rundown: Learn Who are our user's? What are                     some of their current challenges? 

|      Empathy Map: Explore multiple dimensions of target                     user's, from how they feel, think, say or do things

|      Current State Map: Learn about new opportunities when               we better understand our target users and their work

|      Questions and Answers: Wrap up and Reflections 

DAY 02:​

|      Recap of Day 1 

|      Brainstorming ideation session: Each team                             member comes up with 3 big ideas  

|      Present and share your ideas to your team 

|      Work with your team on the target       

       user's statement

|      Idea Prioritization: collaboratively select one                          impactful idea per each team to meet targets'                       needs

|      Present your team ideas to the opposite team and               learn about their perspective and feedback

|      Learn how the new user’s new experience would                   look like if we implement the new idea

|      Storyboard: each team make a seamless                                 storyboard focusing on users new experience

|      Share your new storyboard with the opposite team               and get their feedback 

|      Write your “who, how and what” statement for                     specific target users

|      Test your solution, share your story and get rapid                    feedback from the opposite team members

|      Refine your solution and align your strategy as                       needed to get the desired outcome 

|      Final presentation 

|      Questions and Answers 

|      Wrap up and Reflections 

|      Day 2 Recap


Learn how Design Thinking and creating a culture of innovation can fit into your work and add value to your organization


Find innovative solutions through leveraging design thinking approach and add value to your people, process and organization


Lead interviews, analyze results, and translate them into skills, experiences, services and company strategies


Communicate and collaborate in an agile way with other fellow participants

Become better hackers, rebels, and thinkers

Design better innovative solutions, uncover unmet needs and create an impact


Apply your new learnings and best practices to day-to-day work and life


Reduce risk using the iterative approach, sharing insights and gathering constructive feedback 

Advance your creative thinking, embrace ambiguity and drive change


Connect, learn, share, test and refine ideas in a fast paced environment

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