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Why Design Thinking?

Because we truly believe that Design Thinking is a pathway to growth, change and innovation.

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Effective feedback & Design Thinking 

Unlocking the value of effective feedback through leveraging Design Thinking methods and mindset. 
At each phase of Design Thinking, practitioners are encouraged to ask good questions and provide effective feedback. 

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Design Thinking & Emotional Intelligence

Your EQ is the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them,” said Howard Gardner, the Harvard theorist who researched and studied the theory of multiple intelligences. 

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Co-creation and Design Thinking 

The design thinking framework contributes to co creation initiatives by creating a foundation that ensures dialogue, transparency, and risk assessment between the participants in the initiative.  

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How to use Design Thinking to improve Employee Engagement

Without engaged and happy employees, a company won’t be as collaborative, innovative, and ultimately successful as it could be.  

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Teamwork + Collaboration & Design Thinking 

Design Thinking encourages collaboration, flexibility, curiosity, and positivity, creating happy teams and positively influencing the outcome... 

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Design Thinking and Servant Leadership

Design Thinking is a methodology and mindset that encourages leaders to share their ideas with their team members, empathize with their target users, ask good questions, listen carefully to challenge their assumptions... 

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Design Thinking? Agile? Lean? 

Design Thinking is about ability and learning. Abilities like dealing with ambiguity, empathetic learning, synthesis, and experimentation, among others. 

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Using Design Thinking in creating
better engagements with Gen Z in SPORTS

Businesses could develop innovative products and services in order to drive growth and profitability by better engaging with their Gen Z consumers. This can be easily done by leveraging design thinking methods and mindsets.  

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Design Thinking for GLOBALIZATION in Sports 

Complex problems need to be solved with a new perspective to advance towards a much more empathic approach for business processes, strategic planning, product development, marketing and fan and employee engagement. 

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Design Thinking and work in the NEW NORMAL

Businesses, governments and civil society can leverage the human-centered, collaborative approach to creatively tackle volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity at work in the new normal.  

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SPORT INNOVATION with the use of
Design Thinking 

The necessity of including users into the development of an innovation, both in observational research, such as that of Adolf Dassler in the 1950s, attending every training session of the German... 


Design Thinking for

By working closely with the clients and consumers, design thinking allows high-impact solutions to social problems to bubble up from below rather than being imposed from the top... 

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“Yes, and” in Design Thinking

What is it about?
The "yes, and..." method is a kind of brainstorming. In this variation, you build on various ideas from the team and actively use the phrase "Yes, and ". 


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through leveraging Design Thinking? 

In developing a growth mindset, you have to:

Be curious
Look at failure as a learning opportunity
Be optimistic
Believe in yourself…