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Tec de Monterrey

A private and widely recognized university based in Monterrey, Mexico with 35 campuses throughout the country is  recognized as one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America. 

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How professors can be prepared for the Future of Work?  



Through continuous upskilling and reskilling, today’s leaders will be able to overcome challenges of innovation more seamlessly. During a highly interactive 2-day online workshop in Design Thinking and Innovation,


Maryam shared her global knowledge and experiences with a group of 25 professors with diverse backgrounds. They were empowered to rethink the possibilities, learn new skills and capabilities ready to tackle the change and challenges of the digital era. 


The intimate cohort of diverse professors with global perspective.

Capped at 25 people, the small size of the program enabled close collaboration, cross-learning, and co-creation.


Group leadership coaching and individualized feedback assessments provided a intimate and safe environment where professors were able to learn without judgment.

Maryam shared her global experience and knowledge on design thinking, innovation, creative leadership, experience, design, digital transformation, and more.

Created a positive impact 

Professors left the workshop inspired and ready to tackle challenges in a creative way.

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