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Maryam's highly curated and collaborative trainings are designed for enhanced engagements for leaders, talents and teams. 

Participants are empowered to engage in project-based group ideation sessions to collaboratively co-create solutions to specific challenges through leveraging an experimentation-led approach that blends human-centered design with agile, systems thinking and strategy. 

Through hands-on and fast paced interactive activities, participants not only learn new methodologies to overcome complex challenges at work, but they also learn leadership skills needed to thrive in the digital era. 

Our trainings are offered in 1, 2,3 and 4 days.  We measure and assess the results of the trainings to ensure our participants have reached their organization and team goals.  Trainings are recommended to be repeated throughout the year to achieve progress, positive growth and increased ROI.

Flexible Delivery Methods

Face-to-Face: We will create and deliver a highly curated training at your location 

Virtual: We develop specialized online learning program using virtual collaboration platforms such as slack, zoom, and mural so your teams can learn anywhere. 

Blended: A mix of online and face-to-face training -- your business taps into our online learning experience as well as valuable in person training. 

Some organizations thrive through uncertainty and change while others struggle. For those that thrive, continuous reinvention is driven by their people in the flow of everyday business, not through task forces, committees, or external consultants.

In these truly innovative cultures, people have developed the instincts to spot coming changes customer needs and emerging technology, and possess the right tools, mindsets and confidence to respond quickly with inventive solutions that actually get implemented.

Explore our innovation training programs

Change Management .webp

Customer-Centric Innovation 

Leverage the principles of human-centered design to ensure personalized and consistent customer experience design across all touch-points. 

            Duration  2-day 


            Language  English 


            Modality  In-person 

Entrepreneurial  Leadership 

Build new skills and adapt a growth mindset to unlock your potential and lead change. 

            Duration  1-day & 2-day 


            Language  English 


            Modality  Virtual or in-person 


Innovation by Design Thinking 

Learn the principles of design thinking to tackle complex challenges and create innovative solutions. From building products and services, to experiences, teams, strategies, and global issues. 

            Duration   1-day and 2-day 


            Language  English 


            Modality  Virtual or in-person 


Building Team Alignment for innovation success 

Develop new skills to enhance teamwork, align goals, and

build workplaces that support the wellbeing, safety, and inclusion of its people. 

            Duration 1-day 


           Language  English 


           Modality  Virtual or in-person 

Corporate Innovation .jpeg

Corporate Innovation 

Learn how to innovate your business, drive new initiatives, and develop lasting competitive advantage by developing best practices to lead innovation in your organization. 

            Duration   1-day and 2-day 


            Language  English 


            Modality  in-person 

Interested to learn how we can bring our INNOVATIVE TRAINING to your organization? 

​Schedule an intro call to learn more.

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