From inspirations to innovative ideas.

From ideas to actions!
Reskill, Upskill and Innovate

Join us at our upcoming interactive and engaging Design Thinking workshop series and learn a whole new approach to creativity and innovation, along with practical techniques to help you create value for yourself, your team and customers.

We create a memorable experience and incorporate a mix of design thinking methods combined with agile methodology, storytelling, short activities, transparent interactions, and mindful techniques designed to provide key takeaways.

Who should attend?

Enthusiast leaders and change-makers from diverse background who are passionate about learning Design Thinking and bringing innovation into their works, teams and lives.

How can we better prepare for the future?

Given the rise of challenges at work, organizations would need a creative workforce who can foster innovation, think out of box, and develop solutions that improve business processes and employee engagement. The use of human- centric Design Thinking would allow for an adaptive and flexible approach to align closely with organizations goals. Maryam works with leadership teams of various organizations across multiple industries and sectors and help them to apply the concept of design thinking at work.

Design Thinking is a creative approach to problem solving that minimizes the risk and uncertainty of innovation by engaging the end user through a series of prototypes to learn, test and refine concepts; it relies on end users insights gained from real-world experiments.

Where can Design Thinking be applied?

Product design
Service design

Experience design
Skill enhancement

Leadership development

Team management

Organizational change

Employee engagement

Our highly curated and engaging online design thinking workshops via zoom, is designed to help you:

  • Learn the design thinking principles through interactive exercises in a small intimate group.

  • Embrace a whole new approach to creativity and innovation, along with collaborative tools and practical techniques to help you create value for yourself and your customers.

  • Define and develop new ideas and test them in order to get feedback...and that means creating a safe space where participants feel valued and comfortable in sharing and building ideas.

  • Adapt new skills and mindsets, reimagine possibilities, enhance health and wellbeing

  • Foster co-creation, collaboration, transparent communication, ambiguity, group ideation, prototyping, experimentation, optimism, agility and testing.

  • Cultivate ideas, build accountability partners for future collaborative opportunities & support


DATE: Feb 23 & 24th



Day 1

| Workshop Kickoff
| Introduction
| Creative warm-up / Drawing
| Learn about the scope of the workshop, expectations & what can be accomplished

| Speaking on Design Thinking, Upskilling, Reskilling and Innovation
| The fundamentals of having an agile mindset
| Create an empathy map and build a persona
| Explore multiple dimensions of the persona, how user feel, think, say or do things
| Learn about current challenges and opportunities that exist for the user
| Rethink the future goals and develop several ideas
| Questions and Answers: Wrap up, reflections and feedback

Day 2

| Recap of first session
| Idea Prioritization: collaboratively select one impactful idea per each team to meet targets needs

| Present your team ideas to the opposite team and get feedback
| Learn how the new user’s experience look like if we implement the new idea
| Storyboard: each team make a seamless storyboard focusing on users new experience
| Share your new storyboard with the opposite team and get there feedback
| Write “ Who, How and What” statement for a specific target user
| Test your solution, share your story and get rapid feedback from the opposite team members
| Refine your solution and align your strategy as needed to get desired outcome
| Final presentation
| Questions and Answers
| Wrap up, feedback and reflections

Design Thinking