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CrowdFest Inc & NYIT 

IBM Call for Code Challenge Workshop 



Natural disasters are among the world’s greatest challenges. Mitigating disasters making communities more resilient and safeguarding human life has never been more critical. Call for Code is supporting the UN Human Rights office, and The International Network of The American Red Cross, with the technology being provided for by IBM. 


A team from CTW and NYIT gathered together and asked Innovation Bazar to help them develop 4 prototypes for citizens of NY at the time of Natural Disaster that would improve individual health and community wellbeing through better preparedness, accelerated response and a greater capacity to recover. 

maxresdefault (1).jpg


Using Innovation Bazar Design Thinking, we worked with key leaders from CTW and NYIT to redefine target user experience vision to understand, analyze and predict health & nutrition needs of individuals to improve basic services. Using visual recognition to process claims quickly and identify immediate need for aid. Analyzing device sensor data to take preventative action automatically. Building a cognitive recommendation app to significantly improve preparedness for natural disasters and relief when they hit.


With the continued support of Innovation Bazar, the applications continued to undergo development within design thinking framework.

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