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Project teams across industries have utilized the platform to deliver tangible business impact by applying human-centered design towards:

  • Designing a mid-pandemic marketing strategy that resulted in a 2x revenue increase for a leading  eco-fashion brand

  • Redefining career paths with the HR team within one of the world’s largest broadcasters

  • Successfully implementing a web application that brings charity supporters closer to the people they are helping

  • Developing solutions that reduce costs and improve client satisfaction in a global law firm


  • Structured process to follow – keep teams organized and working towards a common goal. 

  • Rich creative toolset – unleash creative genius using the right tools at the right time.

  • Output reports & performance analytics – demonstrate measurable impact with single-click output reports and team performance analytics.

  • Facilitation materials & video guidance – learn new working methods from innovation experts to supercharge facilitators and team performance.

  • Collaboration whiteboard – easily navigate all the existing features of a traditional whiteboard, like sticky notes, voting capabilities, feedback requests and insights capture.


30-60-90 Roadmap, A/B Testing, Analogs, Brainstorm, Business Case Planning, Business Model Canvas, Change Canvas, Crazy 8s, Elevator Pitch, Empathy Map, Experiment Planner, Extreme Users, Five Whys, Force Field, HMW Worksheet, Idea Template, Insight Worksheet, Interview Summary, Jobs Gains and Pains, Milestone Map, Mood Board, Persona, Personal Action Plan, Poster, Press Release, Prototype Planner, Research Planner, Soft Launch Planner, Stakeholder Map, Storyboard, User Journey, Who+Do


Anyone—regardless of their level, function or industry—can use InnoLab by ExperiencePoint™ to move step-by-step through their innovation projects, enabling them to deepen their skills, embed new ways of working and create solutions that have real business impact. While it is recommended that users first experience an ExperiencePoint training workshop or program to build a solid skills foundation, InnoLab by ExperiencePoint™ can be used on a stand-alone basis by product teams, facilitators, designers and design newcomers.


  • InnoLab by ExperiencePoint™ is licensed annually to enable users to apply the tools and methods learned in training to run sprints, projects, workshops and support everyday innovation.

  • The platform guides users through a step-by-step innovation process, helping them use the right tools at the right time.

  • Built-in guidance and tutorials help to reinforce key messages from training programs and enable users to quickly gain confidence when applying new methods back on the job.

  • Individual and team performance analytics helps users track their progress and enables facilitators and managers to recognize high potential resources in their organizations and provide additional support where it is needed.

  • A detailed output report is automatically generated at the end of every sprint to make it easy to demonstrate the impact a team has created using both quantitative and qualitative measures.

  • Additional coaching support from expert facilitators is available to help teams accelerate their path to self-sufficiency and contribute to superior outcomes for early sprints and projects.

  • There is no maximum number of users for the InnoLab by ExperiencePoint™ platform.

  • Custom Studio: For organizations with their own innovation process and tools, ExperiencePoint can work with you to create your version of InnoLab by ExperiencePoint™ that reflects your proprietary methodology.















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