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As a highly energetic and inspiring leader, Maryam has spent her life propelling change and creating purposeful impact.


Maryam lives in NYC and have 20+ years of experience in Digital Strategy & Innovation from working with Fortune 500 firms, startups, non-profit organizations & universities across the USA, Europe, Middle East & Asia.

Her industry expertise spans across multiple industries and sectors in Banking, Education, Tech, Luxury Retail, Telecom, Media Entertainment, Fashion, Beauty, Art, Travel & Tourism, and Non-profit, among others.

Maryam Daryabegi. Founder of Innovation Bazar. NYC



Strategic Advisor

Global Leader in Innovation


Adjunct professor

Executive Couch

International Speaker


Global Nomad

In addition to her consulting practice, Maryam is an educator and facilitates an executive online course in digital business strategy offered by MIT Sloan School of Management.

As an adjunct professor at NYU, Maryam teaches Design Thinking and Innovation to global students. 

She is adviser, coach and mentor to entrepreneurs and startups at various accelerators and incubators worldwide. (Techstars, NUMA, ERA, XRC Labs and SongHan).

Prior to Innovation Bazar, Maryam held senior leadership roles at IBM, First Republic Bank, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Mark Giusti. 


Passionate about unlocking businesses and people’s entrepreneurship and creativity, Maryam founded "Innovation Bazar" a global advisory and training firm preparing companies and leaders for the 21st century.


She advises her clients on how to navigate challenges of Innovation and Transformation through leveraging data-driven capabilities and human-centric design thinking methodology.

Focus Area

Creatively finding opportunities to complex challenges of Innovation and Transformation through leveraging data-driven capabilities and design thinking methodology. 



Maryam short bio 

 Maryam Daryabegi


Maryam holds a master of science in Integrated Marketing with concentration in analytics from NYU and a Bachelor of Science in English from Azad University. She is also Certified IBM Design Thinking Practitioner and Agile Scrum-Master.




She serves as a member of the Marketing and Programming Committee of UN WOMEN US NY, where she advises the organization in creating compelling solutions for advancing equality and empowering women in the workplace.



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