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How this global chemical company modernized its ordering process 

BASF factory .jpg


BASF R&D softwares needed to be modernized in order to meet requirements in automation and digitalization. Our goal was to have a system with higher performance, agility and stability at lowered maintenance cost.


Collaborated with mm1 consulting and conducted highly curated design thinking and agile workshop to identify challenges of transformation for client partner


Evaluated and monitored the efficiency of the organization’s supply chain management

Optimized and streamlined organizational spending, time, quantity, and sourcing of goods or services

Enabled procurement managers to make data-driven process improvements

Aligned procurement process outcomes with the overall organizational goal and strategy

Empowered organizations to decide on process improvements and competitive strategy

Enhanced communication and exchange of information with suppliers 

Renewed software in order to harmonize R&D logistics and integration into BASF systems



Empowered teams to build alignment and meaningful connections. 


Advised client on innovating their digital procurement process, aimed to leverage supplier & internal procurement data to create insights, enabled agile operations that resulted in enhanced communication and exchange of information with suppliers by 80% and lowered maintenance costs by 60%

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