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Upskill. Reskill. Innovate! 

How can we better prepare for the future?
Preparing for the future can be difficult, especially given how fast the digital world is changing. New trends, technologies and systems are emerging at a faster rate than ever before.​

It is time to lean in.

It is time to learn new skills for the ‘distance economy’ and adapt a growth mindset. 

It is time to develop cognitive skills. 

It is time to strengthen social and emotional skills. 

It is time to encourage creative problem solving. 

It is time to embrace empathic awareness. 

It is time to build adaptability and resilience skills to thrive in an evolving world. 


We are here to empower you to rethink new approaches to upskilling, reskilling, communication and leadership development. 

We are here to empower you to move beyond your current situation and thrive. 



Over the course of five weeks, through hands-on and agile interactive activities, you will learn a creative solution-finding approach to sustainable leadership innovation and the future of work. 




You will complete your training as enthusiastic leaders, armed with frameworks to:
Understand the value of continually upskilling & re-skilling
Envision the future of work through innovation
Define and design a purpose-driven career
Navigate leadership challenges through collaboration, ideation & co-creation
Build new capabilities, transform and grow sustainably 
Adopt an agile and entrepreneurial mindset


This workshop sparks a culture of innovation and you get inspired to be more creative, communicative, and empathetic. It is a great place for cultivation of ideas, relationships and future collaborative opportunities. 


We create a memorable experience and incorporate a mix of design thinking methods combined with agile methodology, storytelling, short activities, transparent interactions, and mindful techniques designed to provide key takeaways. 

During this virtual workshop, you will connect with other leaders, carry compelling conversations in a small intimate group. ​Participants who attend this transformative leadership training will learn actionable steps that help them address today’s complex leadership challenges. 

TRAINING: Upskill, Reskill and Innovate 

DURATION: 5 weeks 

DATE: July 1st - July 29th 2020  - Wednesdays for 1 1/2 hour

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Navigating leadership challenges and growing sustainably at work and life 

WHO WOULD BENEFIT: Women in Tech and science 


  • imposter syndrome

  • the art of listening and asking good questions 

  • confidence during setbacks 

  • humility during success

  • inclusion and diversity

  • career change 

  • move to a new city 

  • communication at work

  • upskilling, reskilling, and continuing education

  • daily routines

  • culture issues 

  • setting goals 

  • maintaining focus 

  • building your authentic brand 

  • adapting a new mindset 

Collaborate. Ideate. CoCreate. 

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