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Apply Design Thinking for Negotiation

Take your negotiation skills to the next level by applying human-centered design principles and tools.

Whether dealing with a challenging customer, a difficult supplier, an unhappy employee, an unreasonable official, or a demanding boss, we all have conversations we anticipate with dread.

Gain the strategies, tools, and frameworks you need to manage difficult conversations effectively and hone your negotiation skills.

You can leverage Design Thinking to:

* Explore ambiguity and uncertainty during a negotiation

* Communicate effectively using the right tone, timing, style and word choice

* Understand why some conversations are so challenging—and what you can do about it

* Prevent serious disagreements from crippling your organization

* Overcome difficult tactics and effectively respond to emotions (both yours and others’)

* Gain strategies to foster successful relationships

* Enhance your fundamental listening skills

* Bridge the differences in what people believe and feel

* Strengthen your leadership by confronting adversity with self-assurance

* Keep your team moving forward and on target


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