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Design Thinking & Agile Leadership

"We hear a lot about agile leadership these days. The good news is that everyone realizes they need some agility in their organizations.

In the Agile Leadership workshop, Maryam uses “ design thinking “ methodology and explains clearly how leaders might think about agile leadership. She helps participants navigate agile leadership challenges by explaining the various organizational structures, how agile leadership might work, and the overall agile leadership journey through a collaborative and interactive approach.

Maryam inspirational examples draw on her experience working with leaders in organizations of all sizes, in multiple industries, worldwide. Through practical exercises and assessments, you learn how to unleash your potential, become a better catalyst and community builder, sensibly apply transparency, improve functions from HR to Marketing, Sales, Tech, Finance and guide your entire organizations toward greater agility.

* Build a powerful shared vision and change organizations and cultures to achieve it

* Explore types and models of agile leadership and choose styles that leverage your strengths

* Practice the competencies and high-level cognitive “meta-skills” of agile leadership

* Understand and promote agility at the executive and board levels

* Master practical techniques such as large group facilitation, system coaching, trust building, and team formation

* Lead in a world of soaring volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity

The Agile Leader is for managers, directors, executives, and entrepreneurs―anyone, regardless of position, who’s ready to take ownership, challenge the status quo, and become a true agile leader.


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