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Reimagine Future of Work Through Design Thinking

Innovative solutions are needed for organizations to continue to adapt and ensure their workplaces, employees, and customers remain safe during these challenging times. Design Thinking for the future of work can help businesses and organizations struggling to adapt to new workplace requirements and needs.

Design Thinking workshops can help participants gain empathy, alignment, and ideas from your colleagues who make up the future of your workplace, in whatever form it may take.

Using design thinking and innovation training principles, employees and HR management can come together to brainstorm how to move forward with their gradual reopening plans or permanent move to remote work.

Simple changes to the physical workspace layout can help encourage social distancing among employees, while video conferencing tools like Zoom can be used to facilitate meetings virtually without gathering many people together in a physical space.

Many organizations are also adapting to a more flexible workspace that comprises some in-person interactions and some off-site, remote work. Maybe during the lockdown period your organization has discovered that remote work is a lot easier than you thought and could be a powerful tool to use moving forward.

Or, perhaps you’ve discovered just how important on-site interactions can be for certain task loads or projects. In this case, you’ll want to really analyze how to appropriately hold these interactions in a post-pandemic world.


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