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Embrace Design Thinking to advance diversity, equity and inclusion

Design thinking encourages a forward look… and design thinking principles can assist us to holistically solve more complex and intertwined DEI challenges today.

With its signature traits of establishing systemic and growth mindsets, being problem-oriented, and seeking out-of-box solutions and innovative breakthroughs, design thinking can offer us an effective tool to grapple with speedy change and complex problems and can propel our workforce to outperform the competition in the future.

1. Research and Analyze to Understand Current DEI State (Empathize)

2. State and Define Key Roadblocks That Hinder Sustainable Progress (Define)

3. Intentionally Invite Different Perspectives to Spot the Root of Issues and Options to Tackle (Ideate)

4. Design the Program With a Big Picture and Ecosystem in Mind (Prototype)

5. Pilot the Solution to Test Results and Consider the Next Iterative That Builds on the Existing Components (Test)


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