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Using Design Thinking in creating better engagements with Gen Z in sports

Businesses could develop innovative products and services in order to drive growth and profitability by better engaging with their Gen Z consumers. This can be easily done by leveraging design thinking methods and mindsets.

Gen Z want to be connected, engaged, and recognized.

A good first step would be using ‘Design Thinking methods” to study the dynamic and multifaceted habits of Generation Z and designing new, personalized experiences to attract them. Focusing on the customer (fan) and in this case Gen Z, makes it the focal point of this engagement journey.

Bringing multidisciplinary teams together at the table to leverage the power of collective expertise results in products, technology, and business processes that may be unique only to a business.

Businesses in sports need to speak the language of Gen Z to be able to communicate effectively. Then they can identify the best channels to better communications with this group. ( such as the smartphones ). Businesses can then develop a prototype and bring their ideas to life.The beauty of this methodology is that it enables businesses to test, iterate and scale their solution fast.

The results would be developing unique data-driven solutions to enhance fan engagement to drive insight for faster, better-informed decisions for businesses.


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