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Songhan (Shi) 

How SongHan thrives from coaching, training and advisory services for the incubator and its startup ecosystem 



One of the first private Incubators in Vietnam with the goal of focusing on promoting the building of an Innovation Startup Ecosystem and incubating smart travel startups looked for guidance from Maryam Daryabegi to gain clarity on business vision and sustainable growth strategy for their incubators across Hanoi,

Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam




Startup founders participated in series of innovation, design thinking workshops, where they learned to understand their customers’ experiences, importance of team collaboration and strategy execution. 

Startups learned the benefit of thinking of their customers in life stages and considering the ways their needs evolved over time. They learned to creat a strategic plan that helped with their market entry. 


In addition, Maryam worked closely with Songhan leadership team and provided advisory services that helped with their growth strategies 


Songhan Leadership team were very satisfied with the resutls of the first few workshops that they asked Maryam to train them on Creative Leadership so they can become their best and excel in their relations at work. 



SongHan continued to work with Innovation Bazar in support of developing new growth strategies to international markets as well as their startups in 3 cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang in Vietnam.

SongHan became the accelerator of choice in travel and tourism industry, offering high-quality programme with entrepreneurial coaches, stronger partnerships with investors and larger organizations

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