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Tec de Monterrey

How a private and widely recognized university based in Mexico City upskilled their workforce 

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Tec de Monterrey University offers yearly training to its professors to strengthen collaboration and advance their learning so they can better prepared for the Future of Work. 



Conducted a highly interactive workshop in Design Thinking, Innovation and creative leadership. 


During a highly interactive 2-day workshop, 30 professors  of diverse backgrounds and roles were empowered to rethink the possibilities, learn new skills and capabilities with a focus on power of storytelling so they can be ready to navigate the change and challenges at day-to-day work and life


Encouraged and inspired professors collaborated on developing new solutions to challenges of work. They also learned skills, mindset and capabilities 

The close collaboration, cross-learning, and co-creation in a safe place resulted in higher engagement and sharing ideas without judgment. 

Professors were determined on leveraging their new learnings in made a plan for achieving these goals. 

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