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Women Empowerment

an inspiring and transformative workshop designed to help women gain confidence, practice self-care, and support each other’s personal or professional success.

            Duration   1-day and 2-day 


            Language  English 


            Modality  Virtual or in-person 

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Launching a Startup

A creative workshop on empowering entrepreneurs and innovators to learn how to conduct research, identify opportunity, and build their ideas into viable business concepts.

            Duration  2-day 


            Language  English 


            Modality  In-person 


Incorporate SDGs into your strategy and operations

Create business value and sustainable impact through leveraging the design thinking principles. 

            Duration  2-day and 3-day 


            Language  English 


            Modality  in-person 


New Product & Service Innovation

Leverage the design thinking principles to build customer-centric products and services. 

            Duration  2-day or  3-day 

            Language  English 


            Modality  In-person 


Business Model Innovation 

Learn the art of enhancing advantage and value creation by making simultaneous changes to an organization's value proposition, customers and underlying operating model.

            Duration  2- Day


            Language  English 


            Modality  In-person 

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