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How participating learder of the conference learned about design thinking and creative leadership



Given the challenges of the digital era that everything is rapidly changing, leaders need to continuously learn new skills, be open to change and know how to navigate the obstacles. 


Persian Women in Tech turned to Innovation Bazar to help them develop a highly curated Design Thinking workshop for global tech leaders so they could learn new approaches in creating solutions for growth, leadership development, equality, diversity, inclusion, health, wellness, and education.


Innovation Bazar conducted a highly interactive workshop through leveraging design thinking approach and helped tech leaders to learn the concept of creative leadership to be able to navigate challenges at work seamlessly. 


PWIT continues to work with Innovation Bazar in support of their vision which is bringing awareness to women in tech globally and empowering leaders to design and develop new solutions to overcome challenges at day-to-day work and life. The results achieved from the effort of having the workshop at the conference, exceeded the original goal.

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