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How this global renewable energy developer, service provider, and distributor with offices across  31 countries leveraged design thinking for increased customer and community engagement

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Customer and community engagement are key to success and growth. 

The head of marketing of this global energy company was determined to bring her team together and empower them to learn new skills, mindset and capabilities so they can come up with new strategies to better connect with their users on multiple touch points. 

In addition to this, the goal was to create more team alignment among the global marketing team.



The marketing team participated in a collaborative design thinking workshop that helped them identify a broad range of customer and community experiences and find gaps that could enhance design.


In addition to this, they learned in order to succeed, they need to foster a culture of agility, co-creation and teamwork. 


The innovation and design thinking workshop inspired marketers to design new ways in connecting with each other and their customers. 


The workshop unlocked marketing effectiveness, and  improved digital capabilities, alignment, brand awareness, customer and community engagement and  team’s ability to respond and support their customers. 

In addition, team 

learned the importance of collaboration, teamwork and culture of innovation. 

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