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Mentoring program

Mentoring relationship is a powerful tool for growth – 97% of people say mentors are valuable. You can gain a lot from being mentored not just get a promotion or better do your job but become more self-confident, improve communications skills, and expose yourself to new challenges.


Who is it for?

 Women of diverse backgrounds who are seeking mentorship in below areas:

  • Career Development 

  • Goal Setting 

  • Women Empowerment 

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership 

  • Communication

  • Networking

  • Community Building

  • Visibility

  • Influence

  • Growth Mindset

  • Confidence

  • Positivity

  • Time Management 

  • Career Goal

  • Goal Setting

  • Resume Writing 

  • job Search 



Program Benefits

Group A — High-potential female leaders

  • Prepare high-potential female leaders for advancement to higher-level leadership roles, boosting your succession pipeline and better gender balancing your management teams.

  • Minimize impostor syndrome and other challenges undermining women’s confidence, allowing you to tap into their creativity and unique perspectives.

  • Better leverage skills and capabilities as women become more adept at expanding their visibility and influence.


Group B — High-potential undergrads, graduate and PHD level students 

  • Learn new and applicable skills and mindset in order to become your best version and be ready for the future of work. 


Program Overview

  • Gain a clear understanding of interests, skill set, personal and professional goals 

  • Learn about the scope of the program, mentor/mentee role, expectations and benefits

  • Work collaboratively toward the achievement of mutually defined goals to develop the mentee’s skills, abilities, and thinking.

  • Check-ins between the mentor/mentee on a regular basis 

  • Schedule 1:1 Mentor Coaching sessions either face-to-face or virtually 

  • Monitor for success and track progress in achieving objectives

  • Reading material will be shared weekly (case studies, articles, videos) 

  • Introduction to a global network of inspiring women leaders 



Program fee?

Contact us to learn about the the fees for our curated Mentor Coaching program. 

of people say Mentors are valuable

of those who have been mentored, will also go on to mentor others

Yet only 37% of professionals have a mentor

63% of women have never had a formal mentor





mentorship is ranked the #1 focus area for L&D programs in 2023 in the latest LinkedIn Learning report

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