What is Design Thinking?

A collaborative and human-centered method of creating new solutions for complex challenges. This fast and iterative method encourages participants from diverse background to share their perspectives and build purposeful solutions.

Where can Design

Thinking be applied?

Design Thinking could be used in various aspect of business and life. Some of the main areas that " Innovation Bazar" focuses on are:


Leadership development

​Skill enhancement

Team management

Organizational change

Product design
Service design
Experience design

Key features of

Innovation Bazar's 

Design Thinking Training

Participants are introduced to the 5 stages of Design Thinking methodology. 

  • Offered half day, 1- day and 2 -day sessions 

  • Designed by Maryam Daryabegi, a highly qualified international expert with vast experience in business consulting

  • All trainings adhere to International Standards of business 

  • Involves collaborations, co-creation, agility, and transparent communications

  • Empower participants to become more empathetic, collaborative, co-creative, and agile 

Design Thinking

Course Certificate

Participants will be awarded with a Certification of Completion by Innovation Bazar within 2 weeks of the completion of the training. 


In this highly dynamic and interactive workshop, you learn user-centric

design thinking method and mindset.


You collaborate with your team members to find purposeful solutions to specific challenges; It could be re-designing a product, service, or an experience or skill.


The process consists of developing a concept, prototyping and rapid iterations.


You can apply this method and mindset to day-to-day work and life. 


Our workshop sparks a culture of innovation among team members and  get you inspired to be more creative, communicative, and empathetic.


We create a memorable experience and incorporate a mix of design thinking methods combined with agile methodology, storytelling, short activities, transparent interactions, and mindful techniques designed to provide key takeaways.


The workshops are a great place for cultivation of ideas, relationships and future collaborative opportunities.