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BK Holdings: Science & Technology University of Hanoi   


BK Holdings "Science & Technology University in Hanoi" created a training program to empower Vietnamese entrepreneurs and leaders in learning and developing innovative skills and knowledge.

They asked Maryam Daryabegi to be a guest lecturer in November 2019 and to share her knowledge with enthusiast learners who came from different background. One group were the Startup founders and second group were professors and C-suite leaders who work in both private and public sector.



Maryam Daryabegi was guest lecturer at BK Holdings for 2 days, where she shared her global knowledge and expertise in "Design Thinking, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and New Business Models" with Vietnamese entrepreneurs and enthusiast learners.



BK Holdings "Science & Technology University in Hanoi" continues to work with Maryam Daryabegi in support of their university vision and mission to empower vietnamese learners in developing new skills and mindset, so they can stay competitive and thrive.


Songhan continued to work with Innovation Bazar in support of their startups in 3 cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang in Vietnam.


Songhan continued its collaboration with Innovation Bazar in developing new growth strategies to international markets

SongHan became the accelerator of choice in travel and tourism industry, offering high-quality programme with entrepreneurial coaches, stronger partnerships with investors and larger organizations

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