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Corporate Innovation 


A highly interactive workshop on learning the use of best practices, strategies, technology and opportunities to rethinking and reinventing the existing business model to stay more competitive in the current marketplace. 


Learn how to implement new innovation opportunities into existing business models. 


Our workshop help your organization to build a strategy around what your company wants to achieve in the future. This can range from improving customer service to building new product lines or even building an internal innovation Hub at your organization. 



            Duration  1-day and 2-day 


            Language  English 


            Modality  Virtual or in-person 


            Cost  Feel free to contact us to learn about our pricing 



Participant profile  Cross-functional teams at any level and within any function or industry, can benefit from this workshop. 


What you’ll learn 

  • Gain an understanding of innovation dynamics in an organization. 

  • Learn the innovation methods such as lean startup, design thinking, ideation and iterative prototyping

  • Create a culture of innovation, agility and transparent communication 

  • Adapt a growth mindset 

  • Conduct a deep dive on a key business challenge and apply innovative tools to: Define the problem + Identify opportunities + Come up with high-potential ideas + Develop an innovative solution + Create an implementation action plan

  • Learn best practices of corporate innovation through case studies, guest speakers and experiential site visits to the offices of some of the world's most innovative companies.



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