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Training on Creative Leadership 

A highly engaging and interactive workshop with a focus on creative leadership, storytelling and design thinking 


Innovation and change aren’t one-time investments. Our training isn’t either.

Practice makes perfect. Workshops are an important introduction to new skills, but they’re only a first step toward changing mindsets and behavior. If you want to drive lasting impact at your organization, you need to practice your new skills and mindset to understand the diverse ways they can enhance your daily work.

Our workshop provide thought-provoking ways of applying the key concepts of human-centered design and change. You learn unique tools and methods that can help you and every member of your organization work more creatively and effectively every day. Our interactive leadership development workshop fortifies your training so that human-centered approaches to work are continually used and reinforced.




            Duration  1-day and 2-day 


            Language  English 


            Modality  Virtual or in-person 


            Cost  Feel free to contact us to learn about our pricing 



Participant profile Cross-functional teams at any level and within any role or industry, can benefit from learning the new approach to creative leadership


What you’ll learn 

  • Learn the skills and mindset of human-centered design and creative leadership 

  • Sharpen your critical thinking, curiosity and strategic communications

  • Stay more accountable for yourself and others

  • Apply the new skills and mindset at day-to-day work and life 

  • Lead teams using co-creation and collaboration

  • Design a daily ritual to build habits

  • Focus on self awareness, personal branding, network building, storytelling and growth mindset

  • Collaborate with participants of diverse cultural backgrounds

  • Connect, share experiences and cultivate meaningful relationships in a safe space



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