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How an insurance company attracted and retained top talent



This American insurance company wanted to offer a world-class customer experience and become the leading carrier of workplace compensation in its region.


Leadership knew they needed to build a motivated and inspired workforce, which meant overcoming internal cultural barriers that made it difficult for employees to feel engaged and share ideas. The company needed to develop a strategy to attract and retain the best people in a competitive talent market.


The client wanted to build a culture of innovation that suited the unique needs and constraints of the insurance industry. With ExperiencePoint’s guidance, they devised a plan to cascade human-centered design throughout the company.


Twenty employees were trained as human-centered design leaders who could champion innovative activity. Another 700 leaders and 4,000 employees participated in ExperienceInnovation™ Learn and ExperienceInnovaton™ Apply workshops. 



Human-centered design techniques, tools and habits were adopted across the entire organization, enriching customer service and revitalizing workplace culture.


Employees were presented with new opportunities and meaningful promotions. Many participants lauded their ExperiencePoint training as the “best moment” of their career, completely reconfiguring their perception of their work. Unsurprisingly, the company’s attractiveness as a workplace skyrocketed in a competitive talent market.

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