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How to apply Design Thinking for crisis management?

Design Thinking is a problem solving approach. At the time of crisis, you can easily use its principles to define the factors involved in a specific crisis. Then you’ll map out a solution based on your research, learning, ideation, experimentation and testing! When you are in a crisis don’t lose hope. Each crisis is a great opportunity and as the stoics say: “the obstacle is the way”.

Crisis is very dynamic, so remain flexible in your actions and thinking, and do not be afraid to change your plans quickly and regularly. Ask for help, be open about the problem, get a crisis task force together, which will own the problem. People who got the company/ family into the crisis will not be adept at solving it, as often they don’t see the problem.

Studies show that our brains cannot learn from mistakes immediately, it takes time, which in a crisis is a very scarce resource. The people solving the crisis need to be aligned and form a task force, so that they are also not bogged down by daily operations.


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