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How to use Design Thinking to spark a positive change in your career path?

Are you unhappy at your job but unsure what you really want to do? Do you feel stuck in a dead-end career path? Are you uncertain how to make a positive change in your career?

Nearly everyone will find themselves answering “yes” to these types of questions at some point. At the same time, we often find ourselves unable to decide what to do in response.

The questions can feel so overwhelming that we become stuck in “analysis paralysis.” Positive change can easily be blocked by doubts and fears of making the wrong choice.

At Innovation Bazar, Maryam Daryabegi apply the principles of design thinking to help people rethink career change.

The goal of design thinking is to change the way you think about the problem. It focuses on correctly defining the problem and moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

By altering your narrative to solutions-based thinking, design thinking stimulates you to break down your long-term goals into smaller steps. This, in turn, enables you to stay curious and take action, even when you don’t necessarily know the final result.


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