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A multinational computer technology giant and top-ranking Fortune 500 company.

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This global technology leader was looking for the most effective way to build innovative practices into their daily operations and culture. After an initial ExperienceInnovation™ Learn workshop, a senior executive wanted assistance meeting a huge cost goal of $100 million for the company’s 13th generation of servers, storage and networking procedures.



The company assembled a cross-functional team of 60 stakeholders — including decision-makers from the company’s marketing, engineering, sales, services and procurement divisions — to participate in 15 one-day internal workshops to identify cost-saving opportunities. The process generated 4000 ideas; the team vetted and co-developed the best ones.


A 13th generation of products launched with over $100 million in actualized transaction savings. This success enabled the immediate roll-out of ExperienceInnovation™ Learn workshops to 2500-3000 more employees around the world. Within two years, the company reported that 80% of employees felt their ability to innovate and create value had either grown or grown significantly.

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