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The National Innovation Talent Contest For Startups (NITCS) is a key activity that takes place within the framework of the TECHFEST VIETNAM 2019, organized by Techfest 2019 Organizing Committee, Startup World Cup and Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF). Currently, the contest has selected the top 40 best startups from 12 startup technology villages, regional Techfest competitions and prestigious start-up incubators across the country to go to the semi-finals round.



The organizing Committee of the The National Innovation Talent Contest For Startups (NITCS) invited Maryam Daryabegi to engage in 3 activities as a keynote speaker, panel speaker and semifinal jury. 

Techfest Vietnam   

Keynote Speaker 

Panel Speaker 

Semi-final jury  




Maryam Daryabegi was delighted for the collaboration opportunity with Techfest Vietnam. Maryam was among the jury's of the semi-final round. 

As a keynote speaker "Maryam" was invited to share her knowledge about AI and the impact on jobs. 

Maryam was also invited to be on the panel about Ecotourism.



Techfest continues to collaborate with Maryam Daryabegi in 2020. 

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