Are you excited to discover new opportunities and turn them into new solutions? 


Are you looking for bringing innovation to your organization? 


Are you interested in building new skills, capabilities and mindset? 


Are you ready to create positive and sustainable growth? 


Are you prepared to navigate the change seamlessly? 


Given the world that is rapidly changing, organizations should continuously innovate - across people, process, product - to stay competitive. 


I have been there -as startup entrepreneur, academic thought leader and industry practitioner -and I am super excited to share my global knowledge and experiences with you…. and empower you to rethink the digital transformation through a collaborative and co-creative approach that results in capitalizing on cost savings opportunities.


With a clear set of purpose, right tools and skill sets you can overcome challenges of digital transformation seamlessly.


We offer workshops in 1/2 day, 1day, 2 days and 4 days.

We measure and assess the results of the workshop to ensure our clients have reached their organization and team goals. The workshops are recommended to be repeated throughout the year to achieve progress and positive growth.

Our workshops incorporate a mix of storytelling, fast-paced interactions, and unique techniques designed to provide actionable takeaways. Participants leave our workshops armed with new capabilities to tackle challenges of the digital era. 


We leverage a research based, purpose-driven and experience-led approach that is a blend of human-centered design with strategy and system thinking. 

Our Approach

Maryam uses a collaborative and interactive method to identify and develop compelling solutions to clients challenges. She empowers her clients to learn new skills and adapt a growth mindset through leveraging a research based, purpose-driven and experience-led approach is a blend of human-centered design with strategy and system thinking.


Trusted by the world's leading brands 


Innovation Bazar

The world is rapidly changing at a faster pace than before. To keep up with the evolving transformation landscape, businesses must continuously innovate to stay competitive. 

At Innovation Bazar, we partner with global clients - Fortune 500, fast-growing startups, non-profits, and universities --and empower them to navigate challenges of digital transformation and innovation through identifying their purpose and creating value. 


We leverage a research based, purpose-driven and experience-led approach in empowering our clients to develop new skills, capabilities and mindset. 

We strive for the sustainable goals of United Nations and aim to bridge the gap in education and gender equality through learning by doing workshops.

We are International.

Our work is at the intersection of technology, innovative business practices, and creative solutions that drive success.

We will continue to be unique, as the volume of information and technology is infinite. 

We are a company that always look to the future.

We are a company that never stop moving forward. 

We are Innovation Bazar.


To create a community of curious leaders who lead with purpose, empathy, agility, positivity and transparency. 


To lead the innovation and accelerate transformation for clients businesses, brands and leadership, so they can grow sustainably.


Maryam values agility, inclusive excellence and innovation. 

We strive for the sustainable goals of United Nations and aim to bridge the gap in education, gender equality, zero hunger and partnerships  through learning by doing workshops.


Facilitation & Training

The first step in our collaboration is scheduling a discovery call to determine the challenges and opportunities. Then, we co-creatively develop solutions tailored to your goals.​​ 


Please feel free to reach out for a conversation. We’d love to hear from you. 

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Maryam Daryabegi. Founder of Innovation Bazar. NYC

 Maryam Daryabegi


Strategic Growth Advisor

Global Leader in Innovation


Adjunct professor

Executive Coach

International Speaker


Learn about Maryam

Maryam is a creative data-driven leader with extensive international experience in digital transformation, experience design and innovation working with clients across multiple industries and sectors.

She strives in simplifying business, brand and leadership challenges and creating solutions that are human-centric, data-driven, inclusive and sustainable through leveraging a research based, purpose-driven and experience-led approach that blends human-centered design with system thinking and strategy to unleash client’s growth ambitions.

In addition to her consulting role, she teaches Innovation and Design Thinking Master Classes at NYU, facilitates an executive online course in Digital Business Strategy offered by MIT Sloan, Head Program Instructor for the MIT Sloan short course " Managing the Human Side of Digital Disruption", leads international workshops, speaks publicly and advises startups at various accelerators. 

Her work is at the intersection of innovation, experience design and impact. 

What sets Maryam apart?

Maryam is unique! She is multilingual, multicultural and has had the opportunity to live and work across 4 continents and currently calls New York her home.


Her global experiences has given her a unique perspective and ability to think outside the box & creatively solve innovation challenges. She leads with empathy and uses this approach with her clients to connect deeper, build trust & empower them achieve their goals.

Maryam's approach helps her clients to save time, shift from working in silos to innovate rapidly with Innovation Bazar design thinking best practices. ​

As an advocate for SDGs, Maryam: 

- Supports education of the future generation both locally and globally. (SDG 4) 

- Volunteers at CityWheels to feed elderly New Yorkers. (SDG 2) 

- Partners with other businesses and encourages the pursuit of the global goals.

What is she passionate for? 

Maryam is passionate about: empowering her clients and solving their innovation challenges via advisory services, consulting, training, workshops, coaching and mentorship.


Forbes Women Nominee 2021