Learn about Maryam

Maryam is a creative data-driven leader with extensive international experience in digital strategy, innovation and transformation who works with clients across multiple industries and sectors.


She leverages the principles of Design Thinking to solve business, brand and leadership challenges that drive meaningful value and growth. 


Today, she teaches Innovation and Design Thinking Master Classes at NYU, facilitates an executive online course in Digital Business Strategy offered by MIT Sloan, leads international workshops and ideation forums, advises startups, give talks and help global leaders and their teams to design and develop innovative growth solutions that are inclusive, data-driven and human-centric.


Her work is at the intersection of innovation, tech and entrepreneurship.

Maryam is unique! She is multilingual, multicultural and has had the opportunity to live and work in 10 cities across 4 continents and currently calls New York her home.

Maryam is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is passionate about educating her clients and bridging the gap in education and gender equality  through collaborative and interactive workshops.


Maryam is passionate about innovating, solving problems and creating positive change.


She empowers her clients to rethink the possibilities and creatively overcome challenges of the digital era.  

She values simplicity, agility and transparency.


Maryam's focus is around bringing awareness to build a common language and understanding to diversity, inclusion, equity, cultural transformation and leadership development via advisory services, consulting, training, workshops, coaching and mentorship.

What is she passionate for? 

We organise workshops in 1/2 day, 1day, 2 days and 4 days.

We measure and assess the results of the workshop to ensure our clients have reached their organization and team goals. The workshops are recommended to be repeated throughout the year to achieve progress and positive growth.

Our workshops incorporate a mix of storytelling, fast-paced interactions, and unique techniques designed to provide actionable takeaways. Participants leave our workshops armed with new capabilities to tackle challenges at work. 


The interactive approach that we use save you time and make you motivated.





Strategic Advisor

Global Leader in Innovation


Adjunct professor

Executive Coach

International Speaker


 Maryam Daryabegi

Innovation Bazar

We partner with global clients and help them to go through the change process of digital transformation and innovation seamlessly. They learn to rethink the possibilities, adopt a new mindset and learn new skills. This will help them to stay competitive and thrive. 


Our clients span from Fortune 500 to fast-growing startups, non-profits, and universities. We collaborate through workshops, events, advisory, and mentoring services. 

Innovation Bazar has gone from small workshops to big workshops. From developing products and services to designing innovative leadership experiences across the globe. 


No other consulting firm combines user experience design thinking, lean startup and agile methodology under a strategic planning and purpose driven approach.


We strive for the sustainable goals of United Nations and aim to bridge the gap in education and gender equality through learning by doing workshops.


Maryam uses a collaborative and interactive method to identify and develop compelling solutions to clients challenges. She empowers her clients to learn new skills and adapt a growth mindset through leveraging human-centered Design Thinking and agile methodologies.


Cultural Transformation 

Crisis Leadership 

Communication Strategy

Collaborative Trainings

Creative Leadership Development

Collaborative consulting

Design Thinking

Digital Transformation & Innovation

Employee Engagement

Executive Coaching

Future of Work

Growth, GTM and CX Strategy

Inclusion & Diversity 

Interactive Lecturing at Global Universities 


Personal Branding 

Public Speaking 

StartUp Advisory 


Soft Skills Training 

We are International.

Our work is at the intersection of technology, innovative business practices, and creative solutions that drive success.

We will continue to be unique, as the volume of information and technology is infinite. 

We are a company that always look to the future.

We are a company that never stop moving forward. 

We are Innovation Bazar.


To lead the innovation and accelerate transformation for our clients businesses, brands and leadership, so they can grow sustainably.




Collaborate. CoCreate. Inspire. Grow

The first step in our collaboration is scheduling a discovery call to determine the challenges and opportunities. Then, we co-creatively develop strategies tailored to your goals.​​ 


Please feel free to reach out for a conversation. We’d love to hear from you.