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Innovation Bazar

Innovation Bazar is an award-winning innovation training and coaching firm headquartered in NYC.


As a catalyst of change, we fuel co-creation, and empower teams and individuals to rethink  innovation, foster trust and become more collaborative, engaged and productive. 

Our Approach

As a trusted partner, we help organizations worldwide, to leverage a research-based, purpose-driven & experience-led approach that blends human-centered design thinking with strategy, agile & systems thinking. 


We equip teams to be creative, collaborative problem-solvers and navigate any type of challenge more seamlessly in the world of evolving change,

Our Values 

We value curiosity, agility, empathy, collaboration, co-creation, sustainability, diversity, equity, inclusive excellence and continuous innovation. 



Experiential workshop 


Coaching and mentoring 



Our Clients 

​ Diversity is fundamental to our ethos. From Fortune 500 giants to agile startups, visionary venture capitalists, prestigious academic institutions, International Development Organizations, and Government Entities, our portfolio reflects a commitment to exceeding expectations.


Our highly curated and interactive training programs are offered in half day, 1 day and 2 days. 

Our focus is on empowering and inspiring teams, leaders and individuals to: 


Become confident and capable problem solvers.

Co-create, collaborate, and think differently.

Innovate, adapt, transform and flourish.


We are passionate about building and delivering best in-class training programs that captivates our client’s attention, promotes a meaningful experience, and integrates that experience into a unique learner’s journey. 

Our trainings incorporate a mix of storytelling, fast-paced interactions, and unique techniques designed to provide actionable takeaways.


We measure and assess the results of our customized training to ensure our clients have reached their organization and team goals. The trainings are recommended to be repeated throughout the year to achieve progress and positive growth.

Innovation by Design Thinking 

Leadership Development 

Growth Mindset 

Effective Communications

Team Building 

Corporate Innovation 

Women's Empowerment 


Take away from Innovation Bazar training 


A simple, scalable and repeatable approach for creative  problem-solving that leads to better team collaboration and real results.


Confidence in your ability to tackle any challenge you face at day-to-day work. 


Tools and techniques to unlock empathy, imagination and out of the box thinking. 


Cultivate connections with your fellow learners and have a sense of community. 

Hone on leadership skill and adapt new and applicable skills and mindset which results in increased productivity and engagement. 

Our Advantage?  

As industry practitioner, management consultant, startup entrepreneur, and academic thought leader, we have lived the reality of Innovation.


Our global experiences from successfully conducting hundreds of innovation projects and workshops with leading organizations from every sector make us to have a unique DNA. 

we bring positive energy and inspires our clients to take action not only on what needs to be done but how to get the desired outcome. 




We empower organizations to lead with purpose, empathy, agility, positivity and transparency through our consulting and training services. 

To lead the innovation and accelerate transformation for our clients businesses, brands and leadership, so they can grow sustainably.

The first step in our collaboration is scheduling a discovery call to determine the challenges and opportunities. Then, we co-creatively build solutions tailored to your goals. Whether it is a consulting project or training your team,. We are here to help you reach your short-term and long-term goals.


​Schedule an intro call to learn more.

Trusted by the world's leading brands 


We strive for the sustainable goals of United Nations and aim to bridge the gap in education, climate action and partnerships  through learning by doing workshops. ( SDG 4, 13 and 17) 

Duns & Bradstreet  Registered Seal

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I am excited to join some of my peers/mentors including Rebecca Minkoff, Candace Nelson, Arian Simone, Deepica Mutyala, Eden Grinshpan and so many more!

I am now offering 1:1 consultations on the highly curated expert platform, The NORTH!

The platform makes it easy to book a call with me and get personalized advice over a live 1:1 video call.

Book your call here.

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