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Innovation Bazar

The world is rapidly changing at a faster pace than before. To keep up with the evolving transformation landscape, businesses must continuously innovate to stay competitive. 

At Innovation Bazar, we partner with global clients and empower them to navigate challenges of digital transformation and innovation through identifying their purpose, prioritizing goals and creating value. 


Our Approach

Maryam uses a collaborative and interactive method to identify and develop compelling solutions to clients challenges. She creates a safe space and empowers her clients to learn new skills and adapt a growth mindset to stay competitive and thrive. 


We are International.

We are unique!

We will continue to be unique, as the volume of information and technology is infinite. 

We are a company that always look to the future.


We are a company that never stop moving forward. 

We are Innovation Bazar.

We bring over 2 decades of global experiences. We are multicultural, multi-lingual and have worked across different industries and sectors.


Our work is at the intersection of technology, innovative business practices, and creative solutions that drive success.

We offer workshops in 1, 2, 3 and 4 days. 

We measure and assess the results of the workshop to ensure our clients have reached their organization and team goals. The workshops are recommended to be repeated throughout the year to achieve progress and positive growth.

Our workshops incorporate a mix of storytelling, fast-paced interactions, and unique techniques designed to provide actionable takeaways. Participants leave our workshops armed with new capabilities ready to tackle challenges of the digital era at day-to-day work and life. 




We are a creative agency.


Passionate about empowering our clients to rethink their businesses, products, people and experiences to accelerate growth and drive differentiation. 


We leverage a research based, purpose-driven and experience-led approach that  is a blend of human-centered design with strategy and system thinking. 


Our clients span from Fortune 500 to fast-growing startups, non-profits, and universities. We collaborate through workshops, events, advisory, and mentoring services. 



To create a community of curious leaders who lead with purpose, empathy, agility, positivity and transparency. 


To lead the innovation and accelerate transformation for clients businesses, brands and leadership, so they can grow sustainably.


Maryam values agility, inclusive excellence and continuous innovation. 

Innovation Bazar Advantage 

High engagement and outcome centric-learning 

Tailored solutions that matches your requirements 

Latest techniques from industry experts and eductors 


Corporate Innovation

Communication Strategy 

Cultural Transformation 

Employee Engagement 


Innovation & Digital Transformation 

Growth Strategy 

Go to Market Strategy 

Customer Experience Strategy



Leadership Development

Critical Skills for Leaders 

Career Growth and Career Development 

Building Successful Work Relations 

Navigating the Modern Workforce

Leading Through Uncertainties

Team Alignment 

Art of Presentation 


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

SDGs ( Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations) 

Design and Innovation for sustainable business 

Innovation by Design Thinking

The first step in our collaboration is scheduling a discovery call to determine the challenges and opportunities. Then, we co-creatively develop solutions tailored to your goals.​​ 


Please feel free to reach out for a conversation. We’d love to hear from you. 

Trusted by the world's leading brands 


We strive for the sustainable goals of United Nations and aim to bridge the gap in education, gender equality, zero hunger and partnerships  through learning by doing workshops.

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