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How can we develop a growth mindset through Design Thinking?

In developing a growth mindset, we have to:

Be curious;

Look at failure as a learning opportunity;

Be optimistic;

Believe in yourself;

Use the power of “yet” and “ Yes and”;

In Design Thinking practice, we learn to rethink, unlearn, relearn and design solutions that are innovative.

We do this with an open mindset to possibilities.

With curiosity, effort, open mindset and practice, we can design better outcomes for ourselves and others.

With a growth mindset, we don’t need to have the answers, we just have to get better at asking questions to find our way to the best solution.

When we design small experiments to learn, the possibility of failure is not daunting but instead, cast in a new light, intentionally serves our efforts to advance our understanding.

By trying different concepts, in quick successive sprints, we discover the ideal solution or blend that will work in practice.

Why not take a small challenge or opportunity and test the theory that with effort, you will expand your repertoire and grow.

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