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How to use Design Thinking for self-advocacy

We provide advice and creative exercises to help you turn every responsibility into an accomplishment that help you stand out!

Throughout your career, maintain a file or notebook to track all of your achievements – big and small. Whether it’s a “job well done” email from a colleague, a thank you note from a client or any other type of praise. At any given time you should be able to identify three to five of your biggest and proudest professional accomplishments.

Once you know what you’re selling – and why it’s such a special product – practice saying it over and over. Practice writing it too. When you’re in networking and interview situations you’ll want to be able to smartly and succinctly convey you’re greatest strengths. Many otherwise smart people blow great opportunities because they’re unprepared when meeting someone new. One way to never be caught off guard is to always be prepared with a mini pitch about yourself. The more you say it and the more you practice it, the more confident you’ll feel about delivering.


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