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How to use Design Thinking to improve Employee Engagement

The design thinking process frames a challenge and then encourages all employees to participate in ways to solve that challenge. Employees are more likely to be engaged when they feel valued, heard, and respected and this is a vital part of the design thinking process.

Without engaged and happy employees, a company won’t be as collaborative, innovative, and ultimately successful as it could be. Human-centered design thinking is a process that has the potential to empower employees to stay engaged at work.

The methodology provides the necessary tools, mindsets, and ways of working to rethink the entire employee experience through an employee-centric lens.

1. Design thinking helps you understand your employees.

2. Design thinking helps you take action on that new understanding.

3. Design thinking helps you look at the end-to-end experience.

4. Design thinking helps you look at the employee experience in a holistic way.

5. Design thinking results in your employees feeling invested in their experience.


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